First Hard Rock Hotel in Germany to open at Berlin Wall’s Checkpoint Charlie

Talk about rockin’ the free world. A new Hard Rock Hotel will be built in Germany adjacent to Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most famous crossing points for the Cold War-era Berlin Wall.
The Hard Rock Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie (yes, the name is that long) is a first for the brand in Germany. It will feature a newly built hotel on a site where part of the wall once stood, according to a Hard Rock International announcement Tuesday.

Plans call for 372 rooms and an opening date of 2020.

This hotel will include a key piece of nonmusical memorabilia too: a section of the original Berlin Wall.
The wall made in part from concrete slabs was hastily built in 1961 by communist East Berlin to keep its citizens from fleeing into West Berlin.

Right now Hard Rock’s wall segment is in in Orlando, Fla., but it will be shipped back to Germany and showcased in the hotel.
Checkpoint Charlie continues to be one of the most popular tourist spots in Berlin. The bigger complex that houses the hotel will host an exhibition space dedicated to the history of the wall that became a symbol of polarized East-West relations and divided Berlin until 1989.  
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