New Trends In Real Estate In Europe

After the major depression in the European Union, things are finally starting to look good again. If you are an investor and are interested in purchasing land overseas, you should probably start looking at some of the European countries once again. Some of the major locations are in the technologically advanced countries like Germany and Sweden. Even countries like France are doing extremely well in terms of real estate. The problem with France, however, is that land prices are already quite high, and investing in land here will bring you returns only after a very long time.

Low Rent Options in Germany

As the country’s tourism is thriving, the income that comes in by foreign means is very high. Germany is a very viable option because of the extremely low rent value and the improvements being made to the infrastructure. Both show that the scope for areas around Berlin is very attractive to both local and international realtors at the moment.

The low rent and relatively low population in some places in Europe make great places for people to buy property that is meant for residential purposes. In Europe the positive side is that welfare benefits are high and infrastructure and technology levels are quite high. Also, due to these same improvements, commercial property value is also on the rise. In some of these places the rent drops to as low as three and a half Euros for every square metre of land.

Nations Where the Euro Zone Depression Hit the Hardest

Do not make the mistake of assuming that apartment complexes here are all of the same uniform design. There is a variety of architectural design and this makes this land more sought after. The specific location in Germany is Silicon Allee, Berlin. This area was one of the areas that was almost untouched by the Euro zone crisis.

Consider purchasing property in areas in Greece and Portugal.The fact that these countries were among the countries that were hit the hardest by the crisis, land value has dropped by about a third, which is a massive amount, especially in real estate terms. Furthermore, the value is slowly retracing back to previous values, which means that you can make large profits by capturing this opportune moment. Also, the number of technology companies that are coming into Europe add a lot of land value because they bring with them technological advancements and infrastructural benefits as well as employment.

Inflow of MNC’s and Tech Companies

With more employment opportunities, the number of people who want to live here will increase. When this happens, you will find that the government will also provide for other benefits to ensure that the growth that is being seen is sustained for a long period of time. London is a very expensive place to purchase land. Once again, like in the case of Paris, the high cost will yield benefits only after a very long time.