Top Five Things to Consider When Purchasing Property in Berlin

In case you are about to committ to this you must acquire property throughout Berlin after that obviously you’ll need many of the standard information regarding the important issues that make any difference whilst the sale made and buying occurring.

Purchasing property throughout Berlin is actually inexpensive and helpful as well as for that will quite cause you need to maintain a few items in your mind which are vital. The top 5 things which you have to think about when purchasing house throughout Berlin are listed below:

Place sensible Location
You should know precisely what location you are to acquire the exact property. Is the costume for industrial make use of and money house simply? Carry out the area matches your business website and the universities as well as universities of one’s kids or not. Consequently these items should be drawn in observe prior to obtain.

Territory sale/purchase fee
You should know the value of the property in ways that does the unit use the resale you aren’t. The cost-effective problems will invariably surface your path and you need to ask this from the regional regions and even just you’ll want to consult home dealer for all these details. For example, if we do a lot of buying you are to sale made the land next can it help you or take you in an tremendous loss. So these items are crucial.

Safety and security
You have to be assured of the safety in the residence along with soon after protection as well when you’re gonna construct a thing onto it. May be you’ve got bought a home for industrial use and an income condominium or even a comprehensive residence. For whatever reason you happen to be to acquire home, please be assured of the basic safety than it and that it does not harm you right after short amount of time at all.

Tax distinction
Whilst buying the house, you have to consume take note of the taxes information that exact region and the way that differs from the nearby regions. The information from the neighborhood locations is very important. Your website that you similar to could possibly be will be popular with many other people. So you can discuss your opinions and get optimum benefits.

Conditions along with facilities
You’ll want to stick to the purchasing situations provided by who owns your territory before. This is really critical and you can change a little with mutual decisions. You have to know that this property you happen to be to acquire gives you in doing what facilities. Consequently keeping in mind the physical conditions regarding before and after acquire, you are going to design you house in a way that you will get maximum amenities and benefits.


Berlin students to live in cargo containers

As the cost of housing continues to soar in the German capital, one Berlin investor has found a solution for the rising number of students – put them in storage.

What to do with the abandoned amusement ground “Spreepark” in Berlin’s Plänterwald – and who’s brave enough to invest in it – is a never-ending point of discussion. Meanwhile, developer Jörg Duske is making use of another leg of the locality.

On an 11,000-square-meter (118,000-square-foot) plot, formerly home to East German administration buildings, Duske is transplanting 410 metal shipping containers as low-cost housing in a future student village.

“Finding flats for a reasonable price is quite difficult in Berlin,” said Duske. “I hope that this project will give inspiration to the architectural world because building containers, in my view, is 50 percent faster. It’s alternative thinking for architecture.”

Apartment in a box

Called Eba51, Duske’s vision was inspired by a similar student housing project that he visited in Amsterdam last autumn, consisting of 1,000 units on 17,000 square meters. In a city where housing has always been expensive and scarce, Keetwonen is the largest undeveloped “container city” in the world.

It inspired him to bring something new to Berlin. The result is a building model that is sturdy, cheap and flexible – and represents an edgy alternative to the luxury apartments that are peppering Prenzlauer Berg. (read full article)

German Home Boom as Europe Stagnates Set to Hurt Merkel

Taxi driver Michael Ruedor lived for 20 years in a downtown Berlin apartment close to Checkpoint Charlie before rising rents forced him out.

“Only millionaires are in my building now,” Ruedor, 56, said in an interview last month. The native Berliner moved two years ago to the suburb of Britz, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of the central Mitte district that he used to call home.

Housing costs in Germany’s largest cities are rising at the fastest pace since reunification in 1990 as investors seeking to capitalize on growth in Europe’s biggest economy turn to real estate, according to data compiled by Berlin-based research firm Bulwien Gesa AG.

In a country where the ratio of renters to owners is among the highest in Europe, Germany’s housing boom is an unwelcome shock for many voters that threatens to turn into a liability forChancellor Angela Merkel in federal elections on Sept. 22.

Housing is among the campaign themes on the agenda today as Merkel consults with members of her Christian Democratic Union to draw up the party’s election platform. Less than four months before the ballot, the main political parties are jostling for votes with pledges of subsidies and more regulation to limit rent increases they say will keep homes affordable for tenants.

“Politicians realize there’s unrest in the big cities where prices have risen,” Peter Grottian, a professor of political science at the Free University of Berlin, said in a telephone interview. “They see it as a wake-up call.”

German property boom good news for investors

Whilst the eyes of the world have recently been fixed on Germany’s footballing prowess, as two German teams met in the Champions League final for the first time in the history of the competition, the Germany property market has been quietly booming.

It is a boom that has come as a result of low unemployment, rising construction rates and surging rents, according to UK based Knight Knox International who are keen to convey this to the world’s property investors.

Germany was recently voted as having Europe’s most attractive property market in a survey held by property consultants CBRE and the choice of the investors, who were polled in the vote, has been backed up by statistics that demonstrate that each sector of the German property market is flourishing.

Recently, the rental sector has proved to be even more popular in Germany than it is in England, where the rental market is worth over £890 billion.

Only 53 per cent of Germans own their homes, forcing many to look to the rental market for their housing needs, data compiled by German property market research company, LBS.

This market, which has re-gained popularity since the European Central Bank intervened last year to fade fears of a Eurozone break-up, has seen a growth in rental rates throughout the country of 15 per cent over the last five years.
As rental increases go hand-in-hand with price rises, it is therefore no surprise that apartment prices have grown by 23 per cent in the same five-year period, according to BulwienGesa, the leading German property indices.

This rise in apartment prices is indicative of Germany’s resurgence against a cruel economic backdrop in Europe which has caused many countries in the EU to fall from grace finding themselves in double and triple-dip recessions; the disparity between Germany and its European counterparts can be seen purely in the stark contrast in apartment prices which have dropped by an average of 3.7 per cent in the rest of the Euro region, compared to the 23 per cent rise in Germany.

The reunification of Germany in 1990 allowed the country to bring West and East back together, fusing the talents of its now united populace to produce a more positive image in the country, turning its back on its blighted past.
The once separated parts of the nation have now joined together to build an impeccable engine and the fruits of this re-joining have been bared most notably in the last year as unemployment reached its lowest level of 5.3 per cent in December 2012.

The construction sector contributed largely to this statistic as a growing number of people gained employment within the sector where residential construction rates grew by 2.5 per cent in the third quarter of 2012, as the nation strives to meet the demand of investors who continuously desire to put their capital into the cash cow that is Germany.

The rise in construction rates has enabled an increasing number of investors to enter into the market as product availability snowballs. This increase in activity amongst investors has allowed combined investments in high-yielding real estate assets to reach over 6.7 billion euros in Q1 2013, a 21 per cent increase from last year, according to the property research department of agent Savills.  (read full article here)